Consumers FAQ

Consumer Franchise

Q1. Why would consumers prefer to purchase from Ali’s Kantin?

A business franchise like Ali’s Kantin appeal to today’s consumers because consumers like to purchase products from familiar names that o er reliable standards of service and quality. They prefer to deal with businesses where the owner is actively involved and running the business themselves.

More so, Ali’s Kantin o ers consumers the freedom to choose from our wide variety of Halal-certified, ready-to-eat meals at any time of the day, 24x7. For consumers - a ordability, convenience, and time savings are key determinants for a purchase. That said, consumers need only choose, pay and heat up their Ali’s Kantin meals & they’re ready to eat!

Q2. Are Ali’s Kantin meals a ordably priced to meet all segments of the community?

Indeed, they are! For example, depending on the consumer’s choice of meal, our most a ordable meal item starts from only RM5.00 and that includes pre-heating the meal using our on-site microwave oven. Of course, there are many other meal choices that are slightly higher in price but we must stress that Ali’s Kantin NEVER compromise quality with a ordability. All Ali’s Kantin meals adhere to the same exacting quality standards, regardless of price.

Q3. What are the outstanding features of Ali’s Kantin meals?

AFFORDABILITY, QUALITY & VALUE that’s o ered with a touch of CONVENIENCE for everyone, anytime and everywhere! Our customers will never have to worry about quality or any other issues with Ali’s Kantin meals.

Q4. Do you o er diversity & variety in Ali’s Kantin meals?

Yes we do. We will introduce new meal varieties on our menu periodically so consumers will get to enjoy more choices for their tastebuds! We may also introduce monthly promotion items to add more value for our loyal customers.