Company Profile

Ali's Kantin was established with the primary vision of bringing ready-to-eat meals to another level, providing utmost convenience for all individuals.

Food is our life

We are a team of passionate young people who are here to make food great, for all to enjoy.

Our food selection includes local cuisines and snacks that are preservatives-free and halal certified. Our ready-to-eat meals are sold through our proprietary Hot Food Vending Machines which takes only minutes to prepare - to provide perfect fuss & hassle-free meal solutions for you and your family.

Ali’s Kantin is here to serve you - 24/7 - when you find it challenging to set aside time to cook. We believe that creativity and innovation are the core principles of success. And we intend to multiply this success by educating and transforming the way people look at ready-to-eat meals.

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We multiply convenience, happiness & reward

The primary goal of our franchise business systems is to help people discover convenience which brings about happiness, satisfaction, and ultimately - rewards. We share good news through the power of duplication & multiplication to help you succeed in expanding your personal and financial growth.

Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to build a solid vending machine business that supply food at an a ordable price from top manufacturing brands. We are also committed to ensure that Malaysians have ready access to nutritious and a ordable meals to address the challenges of inflation.


Our mission is to establish a vending machines business that will have active presence all over Malaysia – Central, Northern, Southern & also East Malaysia.

Ali’s Kantin Benefits to Consumers

Ali’s Kantin is proud to be one of the automated food vendors to make use of innovative technologies to bring ultimate convenience to positively transform human lives. The following are some of the great benefits of Ali’s Kantin for consumers.

Halal-certified by JAKIM

Freedom to Purchase 24/7

Convenient & Saves Time

Ready to Heat & Eat

Wide Variety of Meal Selection

Affordable & Economical

Healthy & Hygienically Prepared

Optimally Frozen for Freshness

Stationed at Strategic Points

Cash/Credit/Debit Cards & Electronic paymentAccepted

Purchase at nearest location instead of restaurant dining